START2ACT Summer Challenge Launched!

START2ACT Summer Challenge Launched!

While the summer heat is an asset for beachside holidays, it can quickly become a burden at the office while trying to focus on our tasks. Therefore, most of the time we automatically turn the airconditioning on to solve the problem, neglecting the financial impact it has on our energy bills as well as the impact on our environment.

To motivate young businesses to save energy despite the high temperatures, we have launched the special START2ACT Summer Challenge for young SMEs and startups which is running from now until the 8th of September 2017.

The Summer Challenge motivates young SMEs and startups to come up with creative and innovative ways of keeping the office premises cool during summertime. By entering the competition, the companies have a chance to win an Amazon Fire Tablet. 

We hope to receive a great number of surprising, unique entries via pictures and videos to our #S2Achallenge Twitter feed or our e-mail address (! 

For more information on the challenge, please click here:

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Join in and let the Summer Challenge begin!



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